Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship Contest

The job of your dreams? If only for a week? Sign me up! has been running a contest to win a dream job for a week. You need only submit a video less than two minutes long explaining why the should choose you for the job.

Well go ahead and submit yours. Just don't try for the chocolate/cheesemaker cuisinternship (try pronouncing that right in your video), because you will have some pretty stiff competition from me. Check it out at

If you like it, please give me good rating. There is a people's choice award for the video who gets the highest rating, so I am soliciting votes!

I need to thank my wife, Caroline, who helped remove the chocolate stains from my daughter's cloths. I also owe a big thanks for Tami Parr who allowed me to shoot me getting one of her books signed for the video (unfotunately that footage did not make it into the video).

Now I am off to check on the other cheesemaker entries, i.e. my competition!

[postedit] I found the following link helpful for finding other entries in the Chocolate and Cheesemaking category:

You might also want to check out other food videos we have done for the Portland Oregonian at the youtube channel


  1. The channel with all of the entries for the Chocolate and Cheesemaker category are at